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Construction companies employ hundreds of thousands of people, providing a lot of opportunities in the way of career building. Recessions and slow growth may hit the industry from time to time but once the tide has passed, it flourishes again, thanks to the need for infrastructural components. Construction companies are classified based on the type…(Read More)

Without the construction industry, we wouldn’t have malls, houses, office buildings, sidewalks, roads, bridges, drainage systems and everything else necessary for us to survive under infrastructure. The level of planning, execution and completion must be perfect to live up to quality standards which is why projects are so expensive. Take a look at the…(Read More)

Construction entails off-site and on-site jobs. With the latter, there’s a lot of heavy work involved from manual labor to operating heavy equipment the likes of which include cranes, earthmovers and cement mixers among others. Operation is unlike ordinary vehicles which is why special skills are needed when using such equipment. Backhoes…(Read More)

No construction work can be planned, executed and completed without the services of a construction project manager. Overseeing the phases of construction work, project managers make sure that everything goes according to plan, budget and capabilities right from start to finish. Primary duties • Construction project managers plan a project in phases or steps and…(Read More)

Anything to do with creating something on a large scale requires training. Lots of it. And there’s no area that requires this training more than the construction industry. You may have the academic qualification but if you lack hands-on skill, you’ll be hard pressed to find a company that will hire you…(Read More)

Construction jobs are many because the planet’s population is always growing and there’s a need for infrastructure to accommodate this facet. Further, there are many types of jobs in the construction industry which makes it one of the most versatile and ‘people-friendly’ sectors that exist. If you want to be part of…(Read More)

As cities and towns burgeon on the horizon, there’s a growing need for unskilled and skilled labor. The construction industry is always on the look-out for talent and experience which is why so many people continue to enter the sector. One way to work for a construction company is to get recruited by…(Read More)

Why should you consider a career in construction, you may ask, when there are other industries which are less perilous and require less hard work. The reason is because you’ll be part of an industry that has existed for thousands of years, employed millions of people and caters to progress. The best part is…(Read More)

Construction work, also known as a blue-collar profession, is an industry that determines the level of infrastructure a town or a city has. Crucial to progress, it involves such structures as bridges, buildings, canals, roadways and anything else to do with infrastructure. One of the few industries that has withstood the test of time…(Read More)

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous sectors to work in with numerous accidents, some fatal, occurring every year. But necessity and high rewards outweigh danger which is why there will always be people eager to enter the industry. To minimize the risk of accidents, construction workers don and use many safety equipments…(Read More)