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It’s time to move beyond just cultivating relationships. Construction recruiters can position themselves as ‘lifelong career companions’ to candidates they place. “A professional recruiter will not simply throw a new hire over the transom for somebody else to handle, but will assume the momentary job of directing them to the correct source for answers…(Read More)

Forget asking applicants about their salary history or their greatest weakness. These interview questions don’t belong in your hiring arsenal, says The HR Specialist. Do these six questions make you appear dumb? Some industry folks think so. Do you agree with this list? I think No. 5 should be banned.…(Read More)

Construction recruiters can identify with this: Wide nets won’t be effective in narrow niches. HR and recruiting blogger Jessica Miller-Merrell offers a few suggestions on how to find talent in niches. Hint: Which online sites and groups does your target audience spend time on?…(Read More)

Here’s an attention-grabbing part of LinkedIn that many construction recruiters haven’t discovered just yet. If you have off-beat vacancies to promote, such as a ground electronics technician in Antarctica, take a look at this infographic. It could be a gold mine.…(Read More)

Hiring independent contractors can save money and resources, but misclassifications can lead to costly fines.  “Avoiding hiring errors will save time and money that would otherwise be spent on various fees (ex. legal, back pay, taxes). The main area of concern is classification,” according to recruiting software vendor, “Misclassifying those working as employees…(Read More)

Well-defined objectives and patience can help lead you to finding the best candidate. Construction recruiters know that bad hires are costly, but there is a way to avoid this pitfall. Sue Bingham, founder of HPWP Consulting, states: “When companies involve their employees in hiring based on the personal attributes of candidates, ‘turnover immediately decreases…(Read More)

Folks at job search engine LinkUp say their research reveals a cautious optimism for the job market through the end of 2013. The reasons? Job growth is spreading evenly throughout the U.S., says LinkUp’s Toby Dayton. He also notes that transportation jobs are increasing.…(Read More)