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Since 2009, The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been stepping up efforts to keep construction sites safe. What’s more, attorney Eric Conn, a partner at Epstein, Becker, and Green, points out the result is hefty fines for companies. “We are seeing more boots on the ground, more compliance officers. And that…(Read More)

Too many leaders in construction and other industries are overthinking their employee engagement strategies. That’s according to business consultant and author Bill Treasurer, who reminds us that engaged employees stick around and add to an organization’s success. “Take the time to get to know the career goals and aspirations of the people you…(Read More)

When collaborating with a construction recruiter, don’t focus on fees. “When looking for a recruiter, you should not cut corners when it comes to fees. You get what you pay for. If a few extra thousand dollars in recruitment costs means better employees, it’s well worth it, explains recruiting consultant Ken Sundheim on…(Read More)

A growing number of people are willing to relocate for professional jobs as the economy continues to stumble. What kinds of activities are you involved with in assisting new hires with this responsibility? Corporate relocation policies are continuing to evolve as home construction and rental patterns shift. You may be at the crossroads of this…(Read More)

Yes, the construction industry can prove dangerous when people are working on job sites, but let’s not forget other workplace situations that can cause injury and death. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports there are 2 million victims of workplace violence every year. Is your organization proactive about this issue? Recruiting…(Read More)

Managed service providers have become the agents of change for our agile workforce.  “One of the shifting tectonics of talent acquisition and retention is the growing use of managed service providers for the most effective alignment of a nontraditional workforce,” maintains Kimberley Hubble, talent leader at, a recruitment process outsourcing firm.  Hubble says…(Read More)

The construction of strip malls and neighborhood centers is slow, but construction leaders and hiring managers in the Twin Cities in Minnesota may disagree. Minneapolis Saint Paul leads the nation in retail construction, according to a new report from Colliers. An article on states that the Twin Cities had 1.2 million square…(Read More)