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Collusion, bribes, and contractor overbilling are just a few of the ways construction companies are losing obscene amounts of money each year. “More companies need to take their head out of the sand and recognize that fraud and corruption costs, not only in terms of profits, but also a company’s reputation,” says Clare Hartnell…(Read More)

The U.S Department of Labor says construction was among the industries with improved employment last month.  “The construction sector added 20,000 new jobs in September, after showing little change in the prior six months,” explains Pam Hunter on “Moreover, the unemployment rate in the construction industry fell to a six-year…(Read More)

While many newcomers to the workforce struggle to find employment, college grads are getting jobs in Construction, Trades, and Labor. They are also earning decent wages. This infographic by Matthew Gates highlights other top –paying fields, such as Engineering and Manufacturing.…(Read More)

Move over OSHA. Construction employers and others in more than 20 states are facing changes in laws involving guns on workplace property. The various legal modifications address the liability of a business if a weapon is used on an employer’s property. “Some companies have taken the changes in stride, but others are rewriting their…(Read More)

President Obama has been able to keep the budget axe from slashing his controversial Affordable Care Act. Now lawmakers—and employers—are looking towards implementation. Following the 16-day government shutdown, attorney Wally Miller, a shareholder with Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt, said the new stopgap measure doesn’t do anything right now with respect to…(Read More)

KPMG, the international firm that provides audit, tax and advisory services, has released its 2013 Global Construction Survey. It concludes that the industry is in better shape than it was in 2008. According to an article on the KPMG website, the optimism stems from rising backlogs and healthy margins. What’s more, Geno Armstrong, Global…(Read More)

With construction jobs consistently on the rise, a growing number of construction companies are turning to industry recruiters to fill top positions. Employers prefer working with construction recruiters because they have vast talent pools and step in to screen applicants and conduct background checks. Makes life easy breezy.…(Read More)

Here’s a thorny issue: Should companies use applicant’s Facebook ‘Likes’ and develop a personality profile based on these preferences?  It may be less expensive and time consuming than administering psychometric tests, which are usually reserved for high level executive positions. Do you think watching online behavior is a fair way to assess someone…(Read More)

The engagement movement is shifting the foundation of work, writes David Zinger, founder of the Employee Engagement Network. “Together, change management and employee engagement form an intriguing alliance,” explains Zinger. “For change to be successful, we need to engage people fully in the change. Frequently, a shift to fuller employee engagement is contingent upon making…(Read More)