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By the year 2016, total revenue across the construction industry is expected to be $245 billion. This prediction comes from the U.S. Green Building Council, which lists green building among the top industries of 2014. writer Issie Lapowsky explains that green construction is no longer a niche market. “Today, it’s a…(Read More)

Millennials want a different work experience than many organizations have provided in the past. To develop and retain this new generation of employees, construction companies have to adapt by addressing flex time and telecommuting, leadership development, and employee recognition.  “Because of technology, businesses are forced to evolve and adapt rapidly—Millennials do this well—they…(Read More)

Wearable technology, such as Google Glass, is causing quite a stir in the business world.  Tech folks say Google Glass can be used to visualize a construction project when walking around a jobsite. The head-mounted display provides a virtual reality experience that may be able to locate component details and confirm installation locations. But…(Read More)

Most of the United States experienced a busy month of construction in January. A press release from the Associated General Contractors says that despite harsh winter weather, construction jobs increased in January, 2014, as compared with January, 2013.  Kansas topped the list for job creation, with a 10.7 percent hike, or 5,900 new…(Read More)

People who stay at construction companies and other businesses for 20, 30, or 40 years are a dying breed. These days there are no gold pens and dinner sendoffs for long-term workers because the average person stays at a job for 4.6 years. That’s according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor…(Read More)

Engineers from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Canada’s Memorial University, and Qatar University are preparing to develop a wireless sensory network that will detect the onset of deterioration in bridges, stadiums, and other structures. A post on explains the sensor will help structures ‘feel’ their own vibrations, sagging, and stresses. It…(Read More)

Officials at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are assessing feedback from businesses and associations about its plan to make injury records public. OSHA says its rule change is needed so employers can compare track records with their peers. But not everyone agrees. For the past four years, many have voiced opposition to the recommended…(Read More)

“Our biggest challenge today is finding an adequate work force,” explains Al Landes, the newly sworn-in president of the Associated General Contractors of America. “We’ve lost a lot of vocational training. We need all the trades. We’ve got to reintroduce them.” The organization, which leads efforts in setting professional standards for the…(Read More)