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The evolvement of Building Information Modeling (BIM) is one of the industry’s major technology disruptors. So says Amy Bunszel, vice president of the AutoCAD Product Line Group of Autodesk. “These technology disrupters are enabling products to be built today that could not have even been envisioned or executed 15 to 20 years ago,” says…(Read More)

Technology that began as a military reconnaissance project for soldiers navigating the layout of a room will soon be field tested in the construction industry. The Rapid Building Energy Modeler (RAPMOD) is a high tech backpack that’s outfitted with a Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanner, an inertial measurement unit and a visible light…(Read More)

An annual report from the Associated General Contractors brings optimism from both construction businesses and people working in the industry.  The AGC’s 20,000 member database was surveyed on 11 non-residential sectors of the industry. “This year for the first time, two-thirds of them said they expect the overall market to turn…(Read More)

There’s been an increase in the number of P3 projects across the country. “More local and state governments are tapping private dollars to build, repair and maintain public infrastructure,” writes Hilary Russ of Reuters News Service. There are several noteworthy projects mentioned by Russ, who points out that the Keystone State is a busy…(Read More)

Three cities in Texas are among the 10 hottest markets for office construction. That’s according to CBRE, a global commercial real estate company. Houston ranked No. 1 on the list, with Dallas and Austin included as well.  Do you know the other cities that have been super busy with office construction?   http://bizbeatblog…(Read More)

Industry leaders and many government representatives had predicted the fund that pays for federal road projects would be out of money by October. But news reports this week indicate the money could dry up in late-August. Reporter David Lawder of Reuters says depletion of the account without a funding solution could bring major highway…(Read More)

Questions and answers make up most of our everyday dialogues and conversations. More often than not, we tend to hastily react to a question, a habit that can create a number of misunderstandings. Good communicators and managers don’t speak in haste. They are deliberate in their thoughts and words. They respond, they don’t…(Read More)

I could never be a full-time professor, but I enjoy teaching one class per semester at a local University. I value the interactions with my students and the discipline required to prepare a meaningful course each semester. While preparing for my class this Spring, I came across some interesting research from the Institute for…(Read More)