Posts From the monthly archives: "October 2014"

“Picking a company that will train your personnel in crane and rigging equipment is a process that has to be carefully thought-out and you have to choose a company that best fits your company’s objectives.” That’s according to a post from Industrial Training International. They offer seven tips to consider when hiring…(Read More)

Project management, bidding and estimates, accounting, and equipment management are all getting easier thanks to new apps. Described as all-encompassing software solutions, this post by Feeley and Driscoll, an accounting firm that specializes in construction, says the technology can be a joy for your operations.…(Read More)

New research indicates that despite boosting wages to attract new workers in craft and professional positions, the skills gap is far from closing. Many employers are resorting to an increased use of subcontractors. To tackle the crisis, the Associated General Contractors (AGC) has crafted a plan, Preparing the Next Generation of Skilled Construction Workers: A…(Read More)

Business owners who cringe when road construction gets in the way of customer traffic have a reason to smile. Cities including Bangor, Maine and Salt Lake City, Utah are getting creative in order to prevent businesses from suffering big losses when consumers are inconvenienced. For instance, subsidized happy hours, discount coupons, and free parking are…(Read More)

One of things that we learned from the Urban Manufacturing Alliance is that we’re all reinventing the wheel, says Adam Friedman. He’s the director of the Pratt Center for Community Development and Policy Link. The group encourages support and conversations for cities to share strategies for equitable job creation. Friedman says, “Cities sink…(Read More)

Creative students and faculty at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) have come up with a fascinating solution that may ease the shortage of housing in urban areas. They’ve developed a SCADPad, an eco-friendly micro-house that fits into a single parking space. The 16×8 foot dwelling has a bed, kitchenette…(Read More)

Reduced waste, precision assembly, and quality control are a few of the reasons construction companies opt for prefabrication. Jeff Dusing writes on that reduced waste is another advantage.  Factory construction allows builders to keep materials in stock and ready to use. “Remnant materials are used where possible instead of being discarded as scrap…(Read More)

Slips, trips, and falls are common occurrences on construction sites. Employers and contractors face delays and additional costs when an accident occurs, according to a post on Safety training, especially for new construction workers, is critical.  “Most of the time, these are workers that are hired per project and have no experience working…(Read More)

A potential significant rise in construction costs may be looming, according to Rider Levett Bucknall’s Third Quarter 2014 USA Construction Report. A lack of skilled labor is creating a strain on the industry, states a post on RLB, which tracks construction costs in 12 major U.S. cities, found that between April…(Read More)